TWM Episode 23

November 4, 2018

John talks to David Low about the Big Two's published accounts, the breakaway Euro league and SFA's fitness for the modern world.

TWM Episode 22

December 4, 2017

This week, John talks to George Galloway, politician, broadcaster, and football fan. hear george's views on the SFA, Sky & BT coverage of football and the duty of care that football is failing to give to our heroes.... and some other stuff!

We also discuss the conflicts arising from Rangers pursuit of Derek McInnes, the SPFL's laughable handling of ICT's transport problems travelling to Dumfries at the weekend, and the most improved side in Scotland this term.

TWM Episode 21

November 21, 2017

On the agenda this time; Hearts 'Standgate', SFA Euro-licencing, major managerial vacancies, and Judicial Review of SFA procedures; guests are Hearts blogger Matt Leslie ( and Auldheid, 

TWM Episode 20

November 12, 2017

Once again, David Low joins us to discuss Rangers International Football Club's annual accounts, and deliver his diagnosis and prognosis.

Is expectation the football club's biggest enemy - or is it the lack of football expertise in the boardroom?

TWM Episode 19

June 27, 2017

Special programme attempting to deal with the new 'deal' between TRFC and Sports Direct, and the attendant spin in the media. David Low gives us his take on the situation and the effect it has on the underlying situation.

TWM Episode 18

May 29, 2017

This week, the final part of our two-part interview with Lisbon Lion Jim Craig in which Jim recalls the emotion of the greeting he received from the fans in Lisbon in 1967, of seeing his father in the crowd, and of his first meeting with his wife Elisabeth, at Celtic Park, on the team's return from Portugal.

John also chats about the pride of Aberdeen and Celtic fans after the cup final, and of a watershed for Dundee United after their hopes of a Premiership return are dashed by Hamilton.

TWM Episode 17

May 23, 2017

This week, John speaks to former Celtic player Jim Craig about his emotions amidst the 50th anniversary celebrations of Celtic's 1967 European Cup triumph, about how it helped define him and his team mates, and Scottish football itself.

There is a round up of the resolved promotion and relegation issues, and a look at warring managers and players.

James Doleman also joins the show again to chat about developments in the Craig Whyte trial, now in its fifth week 

TWM Episode 16

May 8, 2017

This week, John talks to Foundation of Hearts Chairman Stuart Wallace about his memories of the old Hearts Main Stand, and his hopes for the new one as the stadium rejuvenation takes shape.

There's also talk about the real disgrace behind the allocation of tickets controversy for the cup final, and a round up as The Championship, and Leagues 1 & 2 come to conclusion.

James Doleman also returns to give us his thoughts on the second week of the Craig Whyte trial, and we look to Dundee again - United this time - to discover the career and achievements of the great Dennis Gillespie.


TWM Episode 15

May 1, 2017

This week, James Doleman again offers his guidance on the Craig Whyte trial, whilst John gives a quick round-up of winners and losers, promotion and relegation in the leagues.

Joey Barton is again in the news. Is he the victim of hypocrisy? Are the Rangers board managing their biggest asset - the fans - properly?

Also, a tribute Dunfermline legend Harry Melrose, arguably the first midfield general in Scottish football.

TWM Episode 14

April 24, 2017

This week's TWM guest is court reporter and Tweeter extraordinaire James Doleman (@jamesdoleman - and who talks about the challenges of reporting and Tweeting on developments in the current Craig Whyte trial. John asks why football managers can't be pals and looks forward to an historic Scottish Cup final.

Also the spotlight falls this week on the late and wonderful Frank Beattie, Kilmarnock's most successful ever captain and arguably greatest servant.